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Back in June, I logged onto my Facebook page and saw a birthday reminder for a friend and former co-worker. I clicked on her page and read the birthday greetings on her Facebook wall.    

Posting birthday wishes on someone’s FB wall is nothing new, but my friend died two years ago. I still receive updates on my wall from her FB apps. It’s a cruel reminder that she’s gone, but I can’t bring myself to unsubscribe. 

I used to follow a blog written by a young Army captain stationed in Afghanistan. He asked his followers to donate school supplies and soccer balls to the children in his area of operation. I made a run to Target to pick up balls, ball pumps, and other care package essentials. The next day, I checked his blog for any updates. 

The first sentence of his post read…If you’re reading this that means I’m dead.

I read on thinking it was a joke. Tragically, it wasn’t. In a beautiful, heart-breaking post, he thanked his family and friends. He professed his love for his wife and stated that he always knew he didn’t deserve her. At the end of the post was a brief note from a friend who had filed the final post on the captain’s behalf.  

I had surgery earlier this summer. Mindful of my late friend’s FB wall and the captain’s final post, I gave my crit partner and friend, Carrie, the password to my FB page just in case I left the party early.

Had I made an early exit, I guess Carrie would have posted details of my demise on my FB wall…something funny (I hope) in keeping with her sense of humor and mine. (Thanks, Carrie!)

What about you? Do you have a Facebook directive in case of the inevitable?


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