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Yesterday, my husband noticed an ink spot on our new sofa. The next words out of his mouth were “It wasn’t me!” Ha. Five minutes later, he’d cleaned the spot by gently blotting it with a damp paper towel, a method he said he’d learned from the movie American Gangster.

I was dumbfounded because he never cleans anything, yet he remembers a scene from an action movie about spot cleaning carpets?

Okay, so he gleans his cleaning tips from a mob flick. I get some of mine from Pinterest.

I’m a Pinterest newbie, but when I log onto my account, I can usually tell who’s been busy pinning without checking the pinner’s name.

Japanese food and books-Larissa. Scottish Terriers and French Country-Pat. Sparkly nail polish, tea sets, and thatched cottages-Becke. Stilettos-Angela. Cats and anything orange-Carrie.

Like many Pinterest devotees, I’ve discovered the site is useful in many ways.

1. Pinterest has great cleaning tips. Who knew there were so many uses for a coffee filters and dryer sheets? I learned how to remove the cap from a Swiffer bottle and refill it with the cleaning solution of my choice. I run a seam ripper along the roll bar of my vacuum cleaner to clear the carpet fibers and hairs. I’ve been using Dawn dishwashing detergent to treat grease stains on clothes for years. But it’s much more effective if you mix it with hydrogen peroxide. Shazam! Stain gone! All tips from Pinterest.

2. Pinterest saves me from tearing out pictures from magazines and bookmarking stuff I see on-line. I can pin pics of interiors, fabric swatches and furnishings on my Habitat board that will help me re-do the upstairs bedrooms. The front garden is a mess. I’ve pinned some ideas I want to run by the landscaper under Gardening.

3. Pinterest is like owning a virtual closet. I love clothes, shoes and handbags. I’ve followed my favorite department stores and fashion designers. It’s my idea of Fantasy Land.

4. Pinterest helps me plan menus for dinner and gives me great ideas for entertaining. I made the crock pot cheesecake and the mushroom and onion grilled cheese, both recipes I found on Pinterest. And as soon as I get a new oven installed, I’m going to make that coconut lime cake. (Thanks, Marcia!) It’s also very convenient to have recipes with pictures and in one central location. Bon Appetit Magazine is on Pinterest!

5. Pinterest allows me to connect with others who share my interests. I never knew there were so many vintage typewriter geeks, lovers of Mid-Century modern furniture and fans of vintage posters.

6. Pinterest is a handy tool for story boards. I’ve got two boards for both of my books. New York, London, an abacus and a child’s pink stuffed dinosaur all play a part in my stories.

7. Pinterest IS social media. I’ve linked my blog posts to a board. If you’re a published author, create a board for your books. Pinners are prospective readers!

8. Pinterest is inspiring and creative. It doesn’t require a lot of effort. I think that’s why I like it so much. I don’t need to write a witty one-liner for each image I pin. The images speak for themselves.

Yes, Pinterest can be addicting. But everything in moderation, right?

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