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If you’re a fan of the ITV series Downton Abbey, you’re probably going through withdrawals and wondering what you’re going to watch on Sunday nights now that Lord Grantham and his clan have taken a hiatus.

Season Two ended with a bang up two-hour episode but left several story lines flapping in the wind. If you haven’t watched Season Two yet, you might want to jump down to the row of asterisks because this portion of my post contains spoilers.

At the end of the season finale, we finally get a glimpse of what we’ve all been waiting for. Matthew on bended knee. I loved this scene. Romantic? Yes! But keeping in character, neither Mary or Matthew morphed into slobbery love-struck idiots. I only had one issue with this scene. Why didn’t Matthew give Mary his coat? Good God, man, it’s snowing out and your woman is wearing a thin silk gown! We know she loves you, but she needs some serious BTUs because the warm fuzzies and that basking-in-the-glow-of-your-presence kind of stuff only warms the cockles of her heart. I’m wondering if Season Three will begin with Mary stricken with pneumonia and Matthew at her bedside. And Edith lurking in the shadows of the room waiting for opportunity to give her the nod. 

photo: pbs.org

The finale also spotlighted the plight of Mr. Bates, whose death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Did Mr. Bates really kill his wife Vera? I don’t think Bates would have married Anna if he had. My money’s on Sir Richard Carlisle. He and Vera are cut from the same cloth.

Will Patrick, the burn victim who claims he’s the heir to Downton, return in Season Three? What about the maid Ethel and baby Charlie? Does Jane, the maid who engaged in lip-lock with Lord Grantham, really have a son? Or is she in cahoots with vile Sir Richard? Now that Mary has spurned Sir Richard will he rain scandal upon the Crawleys?

Will Thomas, the scheming socio-pathic footman, be up to his old tricks again now that he’s been elevated to Lord Grantham’s valet? (I was really hoping Isis would take a chunk out of Thomas in the finale.) Can Lady Cora’s maid O’Brien continue down the path of atonement? Lady Sybil in her father’s words “Has crossed the Rubicon” by marrying Branson in Dublin. Will Branson’s political leanings create more problems for the family? 

I laughed out loud at Dowager Countess Violet’s zingers last Sunday. “Do you promise?” Classic Violet. Now armed with a nut cracker, I can’t wait to see her in Season Three. 


Filming for Season Three began on February 12, 2012 but will not air in the U.S. until early 2013. Yikes! Here are some other ways to satisfy your addiction to Downton Abbey.

A book written by Jessica Fellowes, niece of Downton screenwriter Julian Fellowes. The World of Downton Abbey  

Need some background music while you scrub the hearth or dress for dinner? Downton Abbey soundtrack  

Want to indulge in a little role playing of the Dowager Countess? Dear Violet comes with an assortment of emotions familiar to all Downton fans. Downton Abbey Paper Dolls  

The Countess Dowager’s zingers.  The Best Maggie Moments    

Ever wonder what the Crawley family ate while engaging in furtive glances and sparkling dinner conversation? Dining at Downton               

Simply parched for more Downton? Mr Carson will serve pre-dinner cocktails in the parlor. Downton Cocktails 

A peek behind the scenes at Downton Abbey. Filming at Highclere Castle

Need a GPS to navigate your way through the grand house? An Upstairs Tour of Downton Abbey and A Downstairs Tour of Downton Abbey

Are you the only Downton fan in your household? Is your cat a fan as well? Enjoy this hilarious feline spoof on Downton Abbey. Downton Tabby

What are your thoughts now that Season Two has ended? Do you have any predictions about Season Three? Let’s discuss and I’ll ring for tea.