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Yes, I know. I’ve already posted about Downton Abbey. But I can’t stop thinking about this fabulous series, especially after last Sunday’s two-hour episode.

There’s only one more episode before the end of the second season. The third season will broadcast in September 2012, most likely to audiences in the U.K. Those of us living in the upstart colony will have to wait longer. 

Fair warning…if you haven’t watched epsiode or six of Season Two, you might want to skip to the end of this post because my ramblings contain spoilers. 

The previews for episode seven show Matthew serving someone a knuckle sandwich. I’m guessing the recipient of his rage is the vile Richard Carlisle, Mary’s power hungry fiance. In another preview, we see Richard whine about having to serve himself during the Christmas luncheon. Toad.

Okay. Holy. Bovine. Episode six was chockful of brow raising moments which resulted in major rumination.

Nasty Richard attempts to tighten the screws on Mary. Poor Lavinia succumbs to Spanish influenza, and now Matthew is swamped with guilt knowing she saw him kiss his true beloved. But will Matthew’s love for Mary conquer all, including Richard, who thinks he holds all the cards?

I held Lord Grantham in high esteem. And then he kisses Jane the new maid. Though I was disappointed with his actions, I know a character who’s too good to be true isn’t believable. Maybe Robert feels the changing world more keenly than the others. Used to being needed, he’s out of sorts. His wife is too busy to have lunch with him, which sets him adrift further. The cunning Jane plays into his emotions, and Robert thinks he’s found an emotional connection with her. 

I have issues with Jane. I think she’s fabricated her past and that her son is likely fathered by someone of Lord Grantham’s stature. Although she’s left Downton, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. (Imagine…Cora’s money used to assuage Grantham’s guilt and support Jane’s son. Ack!)

And I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Patrick, who claims he’s the rightful heir to Downton. Maybe he had amnesia but that doesn’t fully explain the Canadian accent.

Although it seemed like Cora was on the jet way ready to board the final flight to the big abbey in the sky, I knew she’d live because Shirley Maclaine will join the cast in Season Three as her mother and probably give Violet fits.

I like Bates, but the moment his wife Vera showed up in an earlier episode, I suspected she’d end up dead, and he’d be on the hook for it. Poor Bates! Poor stalwart Anna! I suspect Richard Carlisle had a hand in Vera Bates’ death. Or could the lady’s maid O’Brien have done it?

I don’t why Ethel, the banished maid with baby Charlie, has a story line. So far, the trials of Ethel have slightly impacted one other character, the housekeeper Mrs. Hughes. But screenwriter Julian Fellowes must have his reasons for keeping her around since he’s introduced two new characters, wee Charlie’s grandparents.

We’ve seen yet another side of Thomas, the narcissistic/sociopathic footman, when he rages over being outsmarted by a black marketeer. While O’Brien has turned over a new leaf (suffering guilt over her past dastardly deeds), I have doubts of Thomas redeeming himself.  

Sybil and Branson. Oy! I don’t trust the idealistic Branson. Young and headstrong, Sybil might be in love with the idea of being in love. Bloody Sunday took place in 1920…in Dublin. I’m worried.

I love Violet. The grand dame. She gets all the zingers. Behind her disapproving stare and sharp repartee, is a woman who’s seen it all. 


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On Thursday night, February 16th, PBS will air Secrets of a Manor House, a documentary on what life was like below stairs. You can also watch it on-line.

I hope you enjoy Season Two’s finale on Sunday…perhaps with a pot of tea and an assortment of finger sandwiches. A fry up? Maybe some Turkish Delight? (Okay, forget I said that.)

What are your predictions for Season Three? Will Richard and Thomas get what they deserve? Who will inherit Downton Abbey? Matthew? Patrick? Have Lord Grantham’s affections for Jane led him down a path to possible blackmail? Will Edith ever fall in love?