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My friends know I’m a fashion addict. Handbags, clothes and shoes…I love it all. When Target announced their collaboration with designer Jason Wu, I got excited and exchanged several emails with like-minded friends about the collection.

A Jason Wu blouse will set you back $1400.00 at Neiman’s or Nordstrom. Imagine the look on my husband’s face if I told him I’d spent that much for a blouse. The items exclusive to Target were priced at $59.99 and below. Affordable for most folks. And like his designer collection, the pieces showcased the fabulous detailing and the retro-feminine aesthetic that’s made him a star.

I’d already picked out which I items I wanted. But frankly, it wasn’t worth it to me to crawl out of bed at 0400 hours so I could wait in line outside the store. I knew it would be a grab-fest once I made it inside. 

SF Gate

My father spent many evenings helping me with my high school chemistry. To describe the strength of the hydrogen-oxygen bond, he used the analogy of women at a shoe sale. Attraction, intense and immediate. 

Limited quantity at bargain prices equals a formula for frenzy. Factor in the pre-launch hype and the profiteers clearing the racks to sell their purchases on eBay at a ridiculous price. (Right now, there are over 11,000 Jason Wu/Target items available on eBay.) There was a good chance I’d come home empty-handed.

It wasn’t just the crowds I wished to avoid, but any negative behavior. The memory of witnessing two women exchanging blows over a sequined skirt at a boutique in Las Vegas came to mind. I recalled customers fighting over the last jar of steamed chestnuts during the holidays.

Are steamed chestnuts worth getting steamed over?

I ended up shopping on-line in the wee hours on Saturday evening. I’m happy with my purchases, but were they worth waiting in line outside the store at five a.m.? 


I camped out overnight once for something I needed. An English class I had to take to fulfill a requirement in college. I asked myself what would be worth waiting in line for? So far I’ve come up with food, water and shelter. Medical care. I’m still thinking about it.

Did you partake in the Jason Wu frenzy at Target? Have you ever waited in line outside a store for a must-have item? Camped overnight outside for concert or sports tickets? What would you be willing to wait in line for?


I’d also like to invite everyone to participate in Romance University’s Tainted Love Contest.

Here’s an example of what we’re looking for:

It wasn’t the smoldering like a five-day tire fire, wanna-get-lucky look Wanda gave Earl beneath her press-on lashes, or her soft, sweet lips, reminiscent of a mashed praline on Bourbon Street in mid-July, but her breasts, which resembled two fried eggs that had him yearning for a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast. 

Submit your absolute worst (really!) cliche-filled, heavy-handed, overly sentimental, and cringe-worthy prose in a single sentence containing no more than seventy words.

Post your entry in the comments section of the RU website on Tuesday, February 14th.

Click the link for more details. Tainted Love Contest

I hope you’ll join in the fun. Yes, there will be prizes!