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I don’t know what it is about fall, but I find myself trying to clean up the odds and ends that I never got around to during the earlier part of the year. Now that we’ve turned back the clocks and the days are shorter, I go into mild panic mode and rush around trying to get things done.

I have lots of drawers that need re-lining. Plants to be re-potted. Consolidating my collection of bubble wrap (Don’t laugh. I know someone else who has a bubble wrap collection. Her name starts with “C”.) and other packaging materials so I’ll be ready to pack and send holiday gifts. 

I called our wedding photographer today. Asked him if he still had our wedding pics on file from 2003. I never got around to ordering pictures or an album. Mr. Photog said he was happy that we were still married, and yes, he still had our photos. We were one of the first digitized weddings he photographed. Whew!

I need to make appointments to have my teeth cleaned, eyes checked. A check-up with the doctor. The tree trimmer guy. The cats need their shots. And somewhere in the mix, I need to write.

And what about Nanowrimo? A distant hope at this point.

Today, one of my Facebook buddies posted that Thanksgiving (aka National Food Coma Day) is two weeks away.

ACK! Indeed!

I always have a crowd at our house for T-day. It’s always turkey and prime rib. I try to mix up the selection of appetizers, side dishes and desserts every year, but pumpkin pies are a must.

Another “must” is sticky rice, the my family’s version of bread cube stuffing made with sweet rice (which doesn’t taste sweet) and the “corn thing” I only make during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Twice a year is enough. Frankly, I’m sick of the corn thing, though it’s quite delicious. Maybe if someone else made it, I’d enjoy it more. 

The dish consists of eight cups of corn, monterey and parmesan cheese, a dash of cayenne, and onions, thickened with half-and-half and grits, and topped with quick-fried shallot rings, crumbled bacon and freshly toasted, buttery bread crumbs…preferably made with a stale loaf of crusty artisanal bread for the extra crunch factor.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes? Are there any “musts” in your Thanksgiving menu line-up?