Both of my parents hail from former British colonies. My mother doesn’t know the words to “My Country Tis of Thee”, but she can sing “God Save the Queen”. When she’s looking for the torch, she’s referring to the flashlight.

I don’t know when or how my obsession of things English started. Old Hitchcock movies? My parent’s spinning Petula Clark records? Was it Davy Jones’ delicious accent during my obsession with the Monkees?

My current heroine is English. I’m watching BBC news obsessively, studying the language so she sounds authentic. (I truly think my research justifies a subscription to Tatler and British Vogue.)

I started reading newspapers from the U.K. a few years ago and came across a column written by Graham Norton. He’s an Irish comedian with a talk show on BBCA. Sometimes, I don’t get the humor, but I love his show.

Graham has a weekly “Agony Uncle” column in the Telegraph U.K.  Here’s a link to one of the columns he wrote.….html

If you don’t have BBCA, you can catch Graham on Youtube.

Are you an Anglophile? Do you watch British comedies or costume dramas?