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It’s three days after Christmas. I’m tossing out leftovers from the fridge. The cookies and partially consumed loaves of holiday breads will follow. The half wedge of brie and the chunk of St. Andre get a pardon. So do the boxes of chocolates and toffees. Despite the holiday madness and hosting the mega-family dinner, I wrote every day, which wasn’t easy. I worried about the rib roast fitting in the roasting pan, running out of appetizers and having enough chairs for everyone.  I worried I wouldn’t have time to write.

Some days were more productive than others. Last night, I looked over what I’d written during the past week and made some revisions. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. I’m amazed that my brain tells my fingers what words to tap out when I’m delirious from lack of sleep. As a member of the Club 100 Writers Group,

 I’m on day 166 of continuous writing. If I skip a day, I have to start over at day one. That and my fear of not finishing my book, forces me to write. It might be drivel, but I keep plodding along. Drivel can be fixed or deleted. 

The post-holiday clean-up continues. The ornaments will eventually find their way back to the basement. The tablecloths will go to the cleaners to be washed, pressed and ready for the next dinner party. I’ll take a quick break from writing and  jump on-line to buy stuff I don’t need. Hey, it’s hard to pass up those discounted cocktail napkins at Crate & Barrel! 

It’s been quite a year for me as a writer. I’ve met some wonderful aspiring writers. We’ve shared triumphs and low points. I’m appreciative of the generosity of my published writer friends. I’m blessed with fantastic crit partners and beta readers.  I’m happy I still love my story.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions like diets, exercising more and organizing my closets. However, I’ll keep writing and hope for the best.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions that will impact your writing? 

Happy New Year!

Bring on the bubbly and canapes and mingle with the gang at Romance University !


Monday, Dec 27th…. Carrie Spencer 

Wednesday, Dec 29th….Jennifer Tanner 

Friday, Dec 31st….Heather Long

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 Wait! There’s more…

Nicole North will be teaching another class on writing love scenes beginning January 3rd. I’ve taken all of her classes. She’s a fantastic instructor.  www.nicolenorth.com