Pivotal moment for the week: completing my 100 words x 100 days pledge at the Club 100 writers group.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been a hundred days. I normally write every day but once in a while, I’d skip a day. One day can easily slip into two.  Thanks to Club 100, I’m writing every day and I’ve met some wonderfully supportive people too.

Here’s the link:


It rained all weekend so it was great weather for writing. Aside from performing doorman duties for our cats (the rain makes them very grumpy and restless), I spent most of my time writing and revising chapters in my manuscript. I ruthlessly cut out some of my favorite scenes after asking myself the hard question…does this scene move the story forward? I also did some crits for my crit partners. Isn’t it funny how critting someone else’s work helps you with your own?

One of my CP’ is working on a partial to submit to one of the Big Six.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her! My other CP, Carrie Spencer, polished up her pivotal moment to submit to the Mills & Boon “New Voices Contest”.  Carrie’s made it into the top four out of a total of 824 entries.  I know Carrie would really appreciate your support. The final winner of the contest will be determined by the number of votes as well as editorial picks.

Carrie’s pivotal moment for her entry, “Help Wanted: Apply For Love“, will be posted on the Mills & Boon site tomorrow, October 26th. The winner will be announced on November 1st.

If you haven’t voted in the last round, you are required to log in with an email address to vote. 

Here’s the link:  http://www.romanceisnotdead.com/Entries/The-Top-Four

There’s still time to cast your vote for my friend, Becke Davis. Her entry, “Rabbit Noir“, is a contender in Greyhaus Literary’s annual Alien Vampire Bunny Contest.  It takes a few seconds to vote. No login required to vote.



And one more thing…

Check out this week’s fabulous Visiting Professor line-up at Romance University….

Mon, 10/25 – Crafting Your Career – Join us for another sub-genre segment where author Allie Pleiter will chat about the Inspirational romance market. Allie will give away a copy of Mission of Hope.

Tue, 10/26 – Debut Author’s Journey – Revisions – Our fantastic Debut Author’s Journey continues with Laurie London talking with first time authors about the revision process. And don’t miss the SNEAK PEEK at the cover of Laurie’s debut book!

Wed, 10/27 – Anatomy of the Mind – Stuck? Try writing a poem! Author Jessica Inclan talks about how to use other writing techniques to jump-start your creative process.


Fri, 10/29 – Chaos Theory of Writing – Writing in the Teenage Boy’s POV – Debut author B.A. Binns gives the deets on how a woman can effectively write in a teenage boy’s point of view.


I hope you’ll join us!