It’s an election year in California. My mailbox is inundated with flyers from candidates running for office. Our neighbors reveal their political leanings by posting campaign signs on their front lawns,  and there’s a volunteer with fistful of campaign flyers standing on my porch at least once a week. 

Despite all of the reminders to vote, for whom and when, (Tuesday, November 2), I find myself rummaging through piles of junk mail looking for my absentee ballot on election day. After marking my ballot, I jump in the car and drop it off at the local polling place, which totally defeats the purpose of a mail-in absentee ballot.

I could never be a politician. I don’t deal well with ambiguity, I’m too honest (really), and I hate having my picture taken. However, I am shamelessly trolling for votes. I have a couple of friends I’d be happy to campaign for anytime and they need your vote.

No, it’s not Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown. My friends aren’t running for political office, but for something much better.

My talented CP, Carrie Spencer, is a contestant in Mills & Boon “New Voices” contest. The editors have chosen her entry, “Help Wanted: Apply For Love“, as one of the top ten out of a staggering 824 entries. Carrie needs votes to propel her into the next round. Chapters one and two are posted on the site.

You do have to log in with an email to vote, but it only takes a moment and don’t worry, Mills & Boon won’t send fill your inbox with junk mail.

My other CP, the effervescent and ubiquitous (sorry, I love that word and you can’t use it just anywhere) Becke Davis, has an entry in Greyhaus Literary’s annual Alien Vampire Bunny Contest.  Her entry, “Rabbit Noir” will put a smile on your face without lowering your hemoglobin.  No login required to vote.



We’ve got a great guest line-up this week at Romance University.  I hope you see you there.

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