Yes, I’m talking about shoes again…bear with me.

I read a lot of contemporary romances, and I’ve noticed designer shoes are mentioned more frequently now than before. Two books I’ve read recently come to mind. In Tawny Weber’s Going Down Hard, her heroine wears Jimmy Choos and covets Christian Louboutins, and in Julie James’ “Something About You”, the heroine slips into a pair of Jimmys too. Both books are great reads.

I doubt I’ll ever own a pair of Jimmy Choos.  Like I stated in my previous post, I live vicariously through fashion-minded heroines. But this has me wondering about men.  What’s the “covetous equivalent” of a pair of designer shoes for men? A big screen television? Power tools? A riding lawn mower? 

I mentioned shoe collections in my last post, but the woman in the article I posted only had 356 pairs of Manolos.  Well, a couple days later, I read a back issue of Vanity Fair and learned that author Danielle Steel owns 6,000 pairs of Christian Louboutins. Not six hundred. Six thousand.

I don’t need any more strange tidbits information crammed into my brain, but I thought I’d share it with you.

After reading the article, I had to wonder…how much space is required to store 6,000 pairs of shoes? Are they catalogued by style and season? Does she take Poloroid snapshots of the shoes and tape them to the outside of each box?

Is there a Dewey Decimal system for shoes?

Do you own 6,000 of anything?

p.s. Harlequin Blaze author, Tawny Weber, will be a guest on Romance University on Wednesday, August 25th to talk about her latest hero.