It’s August, right? Time for shorts, tank tops and flip flops. I’m wearing my Nano hoodie, and I’ve got a steaming mug of tea stationed next to my laptop. I glance out the kitchen window at the deck. The new cushions on the lounge chair look inviting,  but the sky is gray and cloudy, and it’s too cold to sit outside.

I spent an hour going over judges’ comments from the last contest I entered. I usually wait a couple of weeks before I read through them. A couple of judges gave me high scores. The third judge took off thirty points. She didn’t like the name of my heroine and my action scene was too far fetched.

Some people like rhubarb, some don’t. And after entering a few contests, that’s how I view contest scores. Reading is subjective, a matter of taste. Like most unpublished writers, I enter contests for feedback.  While glowing remarks are always nice, I’ve learned more from judge’s who didn’t like my voice, characters, or plot. Their comments give me something to think about. Although I may not agree with them, I store those tidbits of advice in my head. 

I keep writing and hope I get better.

I wrote quite  a few pages today. Maybe it’s because of the weather.