I consider myself a pretty outgoing person but when it comes to talking about my writing, I’m shy. My fabulous critique partner, Carrie Spencer, has been goading me to start my own blog. Aside from being a terrific writer, she’s also a web designer and a faculty member at Romance University.

Last week, Carrie wrote a fantastic series for RU on how to create your own blog with WordPress. Carrie has a special way with words, and she managed to make a mundane techie topic fun and approachable. 

So, I’m dedicating my first post to Carrie, who diligently reads my scribbles and isn’t afraid to whip out her chainsaw and red pen when my story detours into the land of inane ramblings. She gives me inspiration, guidance, and makes me laugh on a daily basis. (She secretly covets my collection of cardigans too, but I’ll discuss that in another post.)

I’m a lucky girl to have her as my crit partner and my friend.

Thank you, Carrie.